Michael has been a certified Reflexologist since 2004.  Since he understands the way hands and feet work he was able to develop these tools to help people help themselves.

From the beginning when Michael started learning about Reflexology he started using foot rollers. He was never satisfied with the way they felt. Most were to harsh but yet some were to soft. None had the right texture to be effective and comfortable. So he went to his workshop with a plan to create his own!

Once he finished creating and testing the new foot rollers (and he and his family and friends were loving the benefits of) He realized that he needed something for his hands and he discovered that hand rollers were virtually non-existent! Back to the workshop he went.....

                      Then came SIMPLY REFLEX -
​                Therapeutic Hand and Foot Rollers 

Amanda St-Amour

Extraordinary Wood Designs was created  by Michael and his daughter Amanda St-Amour

Extraordinary Wood Designs​

Meet our Team 

Amanda has been around her fathers love for creating all her life. She is helping make his dream into a reality by being his Marketing Manager, and helping get his dream out there.

Michael St-Amour

Michael has been into woodworking, creating and inventing since a young age. With his love for alternative health and master woodworker skills he was able to create these unique rollers that are benefiting thousands of people.

"Using our rollers is like bringing a reflexology session home with you, you literally have it at your fingertips each day."