These are great products. I own both the hand and foot rollers and they work wonders and are great stress relievers. Thank you Amanda and Michael

- Tiffany

I used the foot roller for pain in my heel I have not used it much lately, as the pain is gone. I also like the feel of the hand roller, I just have to remember to use it more. 

- Yvonne

LOVE the hand and foot rollers. I've had great success for myself and helping my clients on their path to wellness. They are portable and easy to use. Additionally, I love the look and feel of the wood. I have a multi colored pattern that is simply a work of art, and is slightly addicting. -- Michelle

I had a spur on the bottom of my foot that bothered me for years. Mike told me to use the foot roller, I did. Even though it was not very comfortable at times, I kept doing it and I could feel the crunching of the spur. Eventually the pain started to ease up. Before I knew it there was no more pain. That was over 5 years ago and that pesky spur has bit the dust. 

Also I developed what they call Trigger Finger. I had and X-ray done and the Doctor said that I had to have Cortisone shots or a small operation. I chose to speak with Mike. He showed me the hand roller. I used it for a while, maybe a few months. I rolled and rolled, resulting in no shots, no operation, and no more Trigger Finger.

- Cindy

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